Not Begging

Mum and dad were away for a week, and honestly the replacement help was… acceptable.

But when mum and dad came back, I decided to let them know that I think we need more treats.

gus begging

Dad says I was “begging” but I prefer to think of this as “commanding.”

Today, dad had a box of Kashi crackers in his hand. I decided he was being too slow in opening them, so I tried to grab the whole box out of his hands. Unfortunately he was holding on pretty tight, so all I got was the lid.

kashi cracker box after bunny attack

Although I didn’t get the box, I did surprise dad quite a bit, which was pretty nice. It’s always good to remind him of how strong I am – it puts him in his place.







7 responses to “Not Begging”

  1. Fab Furs Avatar
    Fab Furs

    Wow–“acceptable” help–what a surprising and wonderful thing! It’s always good to remind people that just because you’re smallish, you’re not a pushover. Maybe next time you could get the bottom of the box, then you could get to the cracker bag and carry it off to parts unknown.

  2. Dmoll Avatar

    Try again, Gus, and again, you’ll get that whole box one day.

  3. Fiona Bun Avatar
    Fiona Bun

    Did you at least get a cracker?!

  4. Gus Avatar

    Yep, I got a cracker (after dad recovered from his shock).

  5. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    That is indeed a very determined look. You should have run off with the lid and chewed on that!

  6. the bunns Avatar

    Gus – you know if Costco delivers? We think maybe delivery right to us at the door would circumvent that slowness problem.

  7. jerry kolbe Avatar

    Gus i gotta say it..tuff as you look sweet in that picture to me.