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Mid-Morning Snack

Sometimes mum puts out a mid-morning snack for us by giving us some parsley to munch on (usually after we – or more often, just Betsy – pester her by begging near the kitchen door).

gus and betsy eating their mid-morning snack

Unfortunately for us, dad was up and alert this time, doing his stupid photo thing.

bunny behinds

Do you think you’re being clever or something, dad? You’re not fooling anyone.

gus wonders why breakfast hasn't been served yet

Now put that camera down and give me some treats.

Or, y’know, you could take a video of us eating. I guess that’s OK too. Just don’t interrupt us, OK?


Under-Chair time with dad

So Betsy and I are just chillaxin’, enjoying some quiet time under dad’s chair, when suddenly we see dad get down on the floor.

Naturally, of course, we rush over to see if he has any treats, but he just said he wanted to take a picture of us while we were chillaxin’.

Needless to say, we weren’t very happy.

As you can see, no treats were forthcoming.

betsy wants to know if there are treats forthcomingBetsy was not pleased.

gus scowls because there were no treatsI was not pleased either.

betsy scowls at dad because there were no treatsUh oh dad, you’d better look out. I think Betsy is PLOTTING YOUR DOOM.

gus does some self-groomingI will now proceed to ignore you by grooming myself. That’s how unimportant you are.

Maybe next time dad will learn to always bring us treats.


Grunt if you love breakfast

Betsy and I get very excited when it’s time to eat – but we both have our own ways of showing that excitement. Betsy will run around in circles, while I… grunt.

Just watch this (short) video and listen carefully:

Mum and dad still get freaked out a little bit whenever I grunt at them. They’re still not quite sure if it’s a normal sound for a bunny to be making, or if it means I’m happy or excited or angry or annoyed or whatever.

Of course I kind of like to keep them confused, so I think I’ll keep grunting from time to time. After all, if mum and dad can make all sorts of noises, why can’t I?

Though interestingly, I’ve never heard Betsy make any sound before – maybe it’s just a guy bunny thing. Do any other bunnies out there grunt?


The Secret to Successful Advertising

I’m going to tell you the secret to successful advertising:

Use Bunnies.

Because, really, you can’t go wrong with bunnies. We’re super-cute and everybody loves us! We can get people to buy anything!


(Gus and I would also like to remind you that this fact has absolutely nothing to do with any secret bunny plan to overthrow humanity.) Move along, move along…


Betsy's New Portrait

Hay in a Tube

You wouldn’t think it, but hay stuffed in a cardboard tube is actually a kind of fun way to eat hay (and cardboard).

Dad was nice enough to give us a tube stuffed with some nice fresh timothy hay the other day. Unfortunately he only had one tube, so Gus and I had to… umm… “share” it.

Well, anyway, it was still a nice treat.


Betsy's New Portrait