Betsy and the Temple of Doom

betsy and the temple of doom

Between dad and the scary vacuum cleaner, I had to find a place to hide… so I did!

betsy looks up from on the bunny table

So then I climbed on top of a mountain and saved the day!

I’m soooooo brave!


Another Use for Lop Ears

Sometimes my lop ears can be a pain in the neck – I can’t aim them the same way Gus can, for instance, to hear things better. But Gus found another way they can be useful – as eye covers:

ear flop

I suppose I don’t mind – they’ve gotta flop somewhere, and they might as well flop on Gus’s face.


Send It Back

Sorry dad, but this carrot is much too dry.

carrot in water

Hmmm, what’s that? I’ve already eaten most of it? Oh, well, yeah, I had to do that so it would fit in the water bowl, of course!


Bunny “Temple” Back Door

I finally got motivated the other day to make a back door in the bunny temple. It was fun!

bunny temple destroyed

Dad didn’t sound so impressed when he saw it though. I thought I did pretty well – I chewed that whole thing open in just a few minutes!

Dad also left some new cardboard boxes out for Betsy and I to chew on (we agree with Lola – ripping cardboard is very satisfying). But after all that I was pretty tired!

so sleepy the bun of man

Now if I could just stop dad from flashing that camera thing in my eyes every time I try to lay down, I’d be all set!

Well, I’m going to take a nap. Later!


Guard Rabbit

Yesterday I was laying outside of dad’s office, guarding it.

guarding dad's office

Dad was too scared to come out of his office with ME there!

you dissapoint me

So I gave him some concentrated “rabbit disapproval.”

gus says - you suck

You didn’t give me enough treats today, dad… therefore, YOU SUCK!

Later I found dad slumped over in his chair shivering… I guess I may have laid on the disapproval a little too heavy, so I came in and talked him out of his slump.

hanging out in dad's office

It’s OK dad. Just don’t let it happen again, OK? Treats at 7:30am sharp next time, got it?

I must be going soft in my old age.


Grooming, and new Toys

This weekend, both Gus and I got “grabbed and groomed.” Dad is getting good at catching us, we will have to think of new ways to avoid him!

On top of that, dad cleaned our area (as he does every week, undoing all my hard work making a mess of it). But this time… there was something… new!

new bunny tube

Dad calls it the “bunny tube.” Gus checked it out first, and said it was fine, but I wasn’t so sure.

betsy is not amused

I just don’t like the color – it doesn’t match anything!!

But still, after a while I checked it out – it seems OK. And it’s fun to dig in!

Gus, on the other hand, was hogging the Bunny Temple, as usual.

gus in the bunny temple

Dad finally figured out how to place it so that we can hide properly in there. Though I prefer a simple cardboard box, the Bunny Temple isn’t a bad place to take a nap – safe and secure in the knowledge that no one can see you (as long as you don’t let your nose stick out, as Gus did).

Well, it’s almost din-din time… time to go bug dad until he feeds us!



bunny leftovers

Dad, next time… just give us the leaves of the parsley. I don’t like the stems so much.


A Sleepy Week

under dad's chair

It’s been a sleepy week for Gus and me. We had a few nice days where we could lounge in sunbeams (after mum let us out of the jail in the morning), and some not-so-nice days where it was cloudy and dark and kind of cool where we just slept in dad’s office all day (like in this picture).

Also, you may notice the orange stain on my chin, and on Gus’s paw. Thats… um… just from eating carrots. Yeah, that’s all it is.