Same Blog, New Bunnies

It’s Dad here again, and you read that right – we’ve finally welcomed some new bunnies into our home.

Introducing Chuck:


And Delilah:


Just like our previous pair, Chuck and Delilah are rescues and will will be sharing their life story here as well as on Twitter (once I give them access).

Chuck and Delilah were not together prior to being brought into our home, but they have bonded very well and can frequently be found snuggling together. They’re currently living in a large play-pen area and are only let out during the day when we can supervise them – although we are slowly expanding their range into the rest of the house.

Eventually – once they learn where not to go and what not to chew on – they’ll be allowed out all the time, but until then they’ll be spending much of the day (and all of the night) in their play-pen cage area.

Already we’ve learned a lot about the temperaments of these two – Chuck is a definite troublemaker but is also a bit skittish, while Delilah is a sweet girl and the most relaxed, laid-back rabbit I’ve ever seen.

So stay tuned, as more posts will definitely be coming (though I’m not sure how frequently). You can also follow the buns on Twitter as @ChuckTheBunny and @DelilahTheBunny.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, and we hope you enjoy reading about the Life and Times of these two new bunnies!


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