I’ve Got My Eye On You

So you might have heard that mum and dad brought me to the vet recently. They were concerned about some stupid thing, like me not being able to see out of one eye, or having some cloudiness in my eye, or something like that. Totally unnecessary, I tell you.

gus looks lazily at the camera
Do I look like I need a trip to the vet?

Well, the vet said my right eye has developed a cataract, and that this is supposedly something that just happens, especially in bunnies, and especially as they get older.

Wait, did the vet just call me “old?”

Anyway, now dad is giving me some stupid eye drops for inflammation (my eyes were not inflamed, but they are doing it “just in case” it develops into glaucoma) which I HATE and DO NOT WANT.

Aside from this, I am doing quite well, thank you… and I will be doing much better once dad stops giving me these stupid eye drops.

gus face closeup
See? Nothing wrong with my eye. Now go away.

Suffice it to say, I am giving out the highest levels of disapproval at the moment.

Remember, dad, I only need 1 eye to keep it on you…



  1. Geez.. Those humans.. They are always exaggerating everything.. I consider myself lucky.. I’ve never been to the vet. But Mom do talk about it a lot.. Something about being neutered or something wierd like that.. Whatever that is…
    Anyway, I feel sorry for you Gus. If I could, I would give you one of my treats..

  2. Gosh, taking you to the vet – the meanies!

    I don’t know if your vet mentioned it, but one thing that can cause white lesions in the eye is E. Cuniculi. Testing for EC is a bit complicated but treatment is just a months course of normal wormer (pancur) as it’s a parasite. Might be worth a chat with your vet if they haven’t mentioned it. If you think eye drops are bad worming a bun is really fun!

  3. We are sorry to hear about your condition, Gus!

    And, you are not old, only slightly less young than you used to be.

  4. Mr. Mick disapproves of vets; they stick things in his mouth that are not food, and they stick things in places where they should just not be sticking things. He sends sympathetic nose bonks for support.

    For Dad’s sake, I hope the drops have disapproval-dampening properties–otherwise, he’s toast.

  5. Hey Gus, I’ve got a tiny little guy named Fuzz who has had a full-blown cataract in one eye for a couple of years. He’s getting around fine and he’s almost 10 years old. Don’t let your humans worry about it – everything I’ve read about blind rabbits says that they do just fine. And maybe you won’t get a cataract in your other eye.

  6. GusGus, this just means you could totaly guilt Mom and Dad into giving more treats. Make sure to share with Betz!!!!

  7. I just saw your tweet, Gus. Dad, is he doing better? Let us all know something. Betz, make Dad tell us how Gus is doing!!!

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