Our Wild Cousins

Dad was out for a walk yesterday when he stumbled across one of our rabbit training grounds, where we’re training our rabbit invasion army.

The names of these wild bunnies have, of course, been changed to protect their identity.

rabbit and groundhog 2

This is our crack special operative team, Mr. Rabbit and “Little Dude,” the groundhog demolition expert. They’re part of the first wave that will break into a house and liberate any carrots, treats, or imprisoned bunnies.

wild rabbit 7

Another one of our operatives, code-name “Doormouse,” keeping a close eye on dad & his stupid camera.

wild rabbit 6

When dad tried to escape, he found his path blocked by another operative, call-sign “Silverback.”

wild rabbit 5

When dad tried to edge closer, he was warned to “back off” by our drill sergeant, Mr. Tibbs.

wild rabbit 4

Code-name “Horatio” pauses before breaking out into a practice run.

wild rabbit 3

Naturally, we practice being super-stealthy as well. (We’re like fuzzy little ninjas.) Dad managed to catch one of our operatives getting ready to vanish into the underbrush.

wild rabbit 2

Once again, Mr. Tibbs is keeping a close eye on dad’s behavior. He was very lucky he made it out of here in one piece, actually, but he doesn’t know that. Stupid dad.

wild rabbit

Finally, dad gave up and left – under the watchful eyes of our sentries, of course!

I told dad to keep this rabbit army in mind the next time he thinks about not giving me treats.



  1. If you see one woild rebbit in the open, there are thousands hiding and watching. Spooky. Good to see the groundhog. The squirrels have the tower watch, the fieldmice have the advantage of size and agility. There is a revolution coming. Revoliutions are always bloody. I bet Gus and Betsy are a sleeper cell. Dad, your only hope of survival is to be very generous with the treats. Godspeed.

  2. Your operatives not only allowed a human to observe them, but to TAKE PICTURES of them?! That’s grounds for severe corporal punishment! A good operative should never let themselves be seen or photographed–my troops would impale themselves on a tree root before they’d allow such a thing. General Gus, I expect much better from a stalwart army bun such as yourself. You’d better crack down on those operatives or our whole operation could become compromised.

    Brigadier General Mickey

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