Girl Bunnies Don’t Poop?

Betsy is trying to claim that “girl bunnies don’t poop.” As you might expect, mum and dad don’t believe a word she says, and they keep encouraging her to poop (and eat).

For the past week, dad has locked Betsy up in our area at night, while keeping me out. While this does mean that I get free run of the whole house (including the bedroom!) at night, somehow I can’t bring myself to get too excited over it.

Naturally, Betsy is not pleased at all about this situation – especially the “being picked up and syringe fed 3 times a day” bit. But dad and mum are keeping it up, and Betsy is keeping up the disapproval.

betsy - pissed off after a syringe feeding Betsy appreciates all the good wishes we’ve gotten, although I think she would appreciate not being picked up and syringe-fed more. (Dad of course is a big softie and gets all choked up every time someone wishes Betsy well in the comments.)

Dad promised her that he’d stop force-feeding her if she starts eating and pooping on her own, but so far the most she’s done is just nibbled some parsley here and there.

As for the pooping thing, dad says I am not helping by using Betsy’s litterbox every chance I get and confounding his attempts to see if she’s pooped yet… but it’s my litterbox, too! That spare one he set up outside our area just isn’t the same!

I’m sure Betsy will give in to dad’s demands eventually… somehow, he always wins. Must be something about being 10 times our size…




  1. All right, Betsy, that’s enough, stop being so tough ! Eat on your own and you’ll be left alone. Gus will rejoin you, so you can harass him too. We want you to get better, and be a go-getter!

  2. Pooping is for ALL bunnies! It ranks in the top 3 activities (along with eating and disapproving). You can do it, Betsy!!

  3. Hang in there, Betsy! We’re sure that you’ll be back binkying in no time! Hoyle and Jazz are sending you their super focused bunny healing thoughts… and they wanted to share this quote with you from DR: “I eat the grass, I poop. I poop, the grass grows. The grass grows, I eat it. It’s a perfect system, rendering humans superfluous.” See? You must poop to make your humans feel insignificant! Don’t let them win!!!

  4. Hi Betsy,
    We know you are perfect – so unless you are hiding those poops somewhere, we think you should poop (and poop alot) to let your Mum and Dad know that you are doing better and plotting your next act of disapproval. Mr. Bean wants to know if your Dad might want to try any of these ideas (although he probably has tried some already since he seems rather resourceful): pellet mush, Kaytee Rainbow Exact (in pellet form or mush – for some reason, many bunnies find this irresistable), pellets or Critical Care mixed with canned pumpkin, very yummy smelling alfalfa (make Dad break it up in easy to eat small pieces), or a heating pad/Snuggle Safe. When my rabbits start eating on their own after not feeling well, it is often something that isn’t really considered food like apple branches, a willow basket, pieces of timothy hay cubes, or a seagrass mat (all sort of fibrous plus something they can toss because they get irritated becing medicated). Opiates often slow down the gut too so pooping may be slower to restart also. Sorry this is so long, but we want Betsy pooping up a storm!!

  5. When my Basil was not feeling well, not eating very much and having tiny bunny poos my vet suggested mixing some of her healthy bunny boyfriends poos into the critical care. This would help to get her healthy gut bacteria back up. Kind of gross, but since they eat their cecal pellets anyway….

  6. Betsy, you’d better hurry up and eat and poop, or we’re coming down there and SNUGGLING you. Peaches is warning you that it’s awful to be snuggled. Love, Glenna, Pink, Elvis and Peaches. Hurry up and get well so your poor dad and mom can stop worrying.

  7. Ok Betsy – Time to eat and poop. DKM said her vet had her put a small space heater by my prison when I was sick to keep me vey warm. My temp went down to 98.

    We sure hope you feel better soon!

  8. Poor Betsy! Like Sandy said, those nasty opiate pain killer thingies make you feel better, but they also slow things down after surgery. Another thing dad might try (with the vet’s approval of course) would be papaya bits or pineapple. They contain enzymes that help break up little bunny blockages inside. They might need to be mushed or smooshed with water or something. Maybe even just pure papaya or pineapple juice watered down could help (with the vet’s blessing of course). My bun loves both types of fruit and juice so its never an issue to get him to take it when he gets a bit sluggish inside 🙂

    Hang in there Betsy! The worst part is over.

  9. Hi Betsy,
    My name is Cocopops, 1 of 5 house buns. I was going through the same thing thus past weekend and I just started to poop late yesterday evening. I tell you, it’s quite a relief, I feel much better now. Although, mummy did take me to see the doctor who prescribed a gut stimulant, I think that helped a lot. I’m slowly gaining back my appetite too. That syringe feeding lark is not nice at all, I think I prefer eating from my bowl.
    Anyway, I hope you feel the need to poop soon, perhaps ask daddy for a tummy rub or a quick trip to the doctor.
    Wishing you well Betsy, much bunny love from me and my family. xxxxx

  10. Dearest Betsy, pooping is one of the Big Four–along with eating, drinking and peeing. If a bunny doesn’t do all four, they can get very sick. If you don’t eat, you won’t poop, and that’s double trouble. Has your dad given you any probiotics to help restore any gut flora that may have been killed by the opiates? If not, tell him to ask his vet for some, or he can try feeding you some plain organic yogurt (my vet has recommended that in a pinch). Mum and I will be keeping you in thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. Please get well soon!

  11. Oh Betsy, please do some poops…and eat!! We are rooting for you, all the way from the Robin Hood Country. And yes, bunny girls poop too… Miss Eve was so very good at marking new areas with her poos, I am sure you can match her 🙂

  12. Oh, Betsy. I know you’re crossing your legs, tucking your tail and refusing to poop because it will not only make that stinky human happy, but because every time you even LOOK at a litterbox someone stares at you hopefully. I know it’s not conductive to the girl process. You’d think Dad could at least put a nice magazine in there for you to nibble on!

    Humans are such JERKS aren’t we? Hug you, kiss you, pick you up and shove things in your mouth when you’re feeling miserable and just wanna lay there and suffer in peace.. WORSE is when you try to hop away with foot flicks and they get all happy because movement makes the gut work. Stupid humans.

    The only way to stop all this fuss and nonsense it to steal the food out of Gus’ mouth, pee on your Dad’s favourite pillow and then hide your poops in his slippers.

  13. Sweet Betsy, you look like you’ve been through the ringer. We’re all rooting for you!!

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