Can’t a bun just take a nap?

It seems I can’t even take a nap without dad snapping a picture of me, or checking to see if I’m still alive (something about the way we flop over when we’re sleeping really freaks him out – it’s great fun).

But geez, can’t a bun just take a quiet nap around here without being disturbed?

betsy flopped (next to gus) with ear up I tried using Gus as my shield against dad, but it didn’t work so well. Dad still saw me and took a picture (after looking very closely to see if I was still breathing – he is such a worry-wart).

You’d think my tunnel would be a good place for a nap, but dad finds us in there, too – and there’s nothing worse than waking up from a nap only to see dad’s head framed at the end of the tunnel. Ugh.

Does anybun have any suggestions for good napping places? Or where is your favorite place to flop out for a quick snooze?



  1. People obviously don’t know/obey the rule about “letting sleeping bunnies lie in piece.”

    How is Betsy?

  2. Mr. Mick says that under the dining room table is the best spot for a good flop if you wish to avoid the paparazzi–they can’t get a good picture there, so they usually leave you alone.

  3. Favored sleeping spots at my house are very particular. Do you guys try sleeping behind/under furniture? Particularly low furniture like a couch. Sogna wouldn’t think of sleeping anywhere else, although she will flop against just about any wall. Betsy update?

  4. Betsy update: She is doing OK, no improvement yet, but the VET says to continue the treatment for a bit longer. Which I’m sure will make Betsy just pleased as punch.

  5. @Lisa: Dad and mum have blocked all access to behind/underneath all furniture in the house. I don’t know why. Something about my “destructive tendencies,” which I just don’t understand.

    We can get under the dining room table though; that’s a great place to hide from dad when he’s trying to pick me up, since he can’t get under there easily. But he can (and does) take pictures…

  6. My old cage had a nesting box that was small and dark and could not be penetrated by human eyes. Which was great given the fact that mommy’s camera always wakes me up.

  7. We like to wad up towels and sleep on those. Even though they look uncomfortable, as they’re all lumpy, we’re happy. Peaches, Pink and Elvis

  8. For the most part, BL and RG treat our hidey boxes as private proerty – OURS! – and don’t bother us in there. Of course, if they say “Treat!” – well – then that is a different matter altogether.

  9. My bun charlie has decided laying next to the central air vent is the way to go..i think he likes the way it flops his ears in the wind 🙂

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