Bunny Doorstop

The other day I flopped down in front of the door to dad’s office. I haven’t done this in a while, but it always gets a good reaction from dad.

gus flopped by my office door His first reaction to seeing this is usually to comment on how cute or handsome I am (well, duh).

But then after a while he starts to think about it more deeply. Since dad is usually working in his office, when I’m flopped out like this right behind him, he really starts thinking about how he’s working hard and I’m just flopped on the floor.

This usually gets him pretty worked up. Once this happens, my mission is accomplished and I usually get up and hop away, possibly giving him a foot flick in the process (especially if he tried to pet me or something).

It’s fun playing with dad’s emotions.



  1. By now Gus must have satisfied most of the Ph.D. requirements of the “manipulation of human emotions” program in the Psychology Department of the local university.

  2. Well, that doesn’t seem fair! How does he know you’re not working hard? He doesn’t know how hard flopping is! That’s just rude! Humans…….

  3. Your dad should count his lucky stars he gets to work in the presence of bunnies. Our mom wishes for that possibility every day.

    I would say more “draftguard” than “doorstop.”

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