Problems with the new arrangement

There are some… problems with Betsy’s new arrangement of the Cottontail Cottage.

Specifically, now it’s really hard for me to get at the hay!

gus tries to eat his hay

C’mon, how am I supposed to get at the hay now? Just look at it! gus is not amused

I told dad to do something about it, but he just kept taking pictures. He is useless.

So, I had to try getting at the hay myself.gus tries to eat some hay

This is not easy… gus does manage to get a bite to eat

Well I got a little bit, but this is too much work, I think I need to go lie down. gus is not interested

Ugh, what a mess. Dad, make yourself useful and just fix it for me while I lie here, OK? And be quick about it. And be quiet too. And, while you’re at it, bring me some treats. Got all that?




  1. Uh, mum, you are forgetting the #1 bunny rule around here:

    Don’t touch me.

    (A light pat on the head is acceptable if I get a treat out of the deal, but that’s it.)

  2. Gus, don’t you understand how important it is to barricade the corner by any means availble? If the cottontail cottage is the only fort materials you have, that’s what blocks off the corner.

  3. Oh Gus, I love you so. You make me think of my sweet Potatoes and Stewie who are no longer of this realm. Your sweet face makes me think of them. You should get lots of snuggles and kisses for being such a cute boy!

  4. FYI Gus got a snuggle. He hated every second of it, but he got a snuggle. He is even softer than he looks 🙂

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