Not much going on here

Lately there hasn’t been much going on around here.

gus lounging

Mostly we’ve just been lounging around. You know, the usual.

betsy in the box (blurry)

Though we did get a new cardboard box, which Betsy has been spending a lot of time in.

gus on top of the box

Oh, and I may have done a bit of climbing.

gus up in the chair

But it’s no big deal. I just used it as a stepping stone to get on dad’s chair. He says these stuffed things are supposed to be bunnies, but I don’t see the resemblance.

gus up in the chair 2

I do like the message printed on them, though. I approve of that.

gus after getting down from the chair

Honestly, nothing strange going on here at all. I don’t even know why dad bothered to take photos. Maybe he’s just bored. Which, if that’s the case, may I suggest curing your boredom dad by maybe… giving me some treats?

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.



  1. Boxes are handy for sleeping in and using as steps. They are also good to chew. Messages are important. Your people should pay attention to them. A round of treats for all the buns is certainly in order. Red is your color, Gus.

  2. I don’t trust my rabbits that much because they actually destroyed a lot of important documents and some furniture inside the house. Do yours just stay in the box or they also have a rabbit hutch or a cage where you keep them when unsupervised?

  3. @Kylie: They have an area where they are locked up for the night, since they can’t be trusted to not chew our couch to bits.

    During the day they are free to roam, since they tend to be better behaved during the day. Also I work from home so I can sort of keep an eye on them.

  4. That chair looks like it’s very, very comfy! You’re a smart bunny to figure out how to get up there! And sometimes quiet days are fabulous – you can get a lot of eating, sleeping and, well, SLEEPING done! 🙂

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