Bunnysitter Service Not Quite 100%

Mum and dad are away again, so our bunny-sitter is here again feeding us on our VERY STRICT SCHEDULE.

Sometimes she is not quite 100% on time though, and I have to remind her that it is time for breakfast. (Then again, she is just a human so we can’t expect perfection from a non-rabbit.)



  1. haha! That pic is awesome! He is totally giving the baby sitter the “hello, i waiting” look. If bunnies could “Ahem *clear their throat*”, Gus would be doing it right then.

  2. Be a little forgiving and patient Gus – we find that good help is REALLY hard to find and even mediocre help is better than none. Mediocre – that is a good description of the help around our place.

  3. I like the way you are thinking Gus. You have so many thoughts that is so surprising from a rabbit. Anyway, back to your bunny sitter my I just asked… did she also clean your rabbit hutch while your dad and mom are away? I hope so because that would be uncomfortable.

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