Monday Bunday – Clean Litterbox Edition

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before – but I just love a clean litterbox.

gus napping in his litterboxOf course I often have to keep one ear over the edge, to keep track of where dad is.

gus stretched out in his litterbox Ahhh yeah, stretching out in a clean litterbox is the best, right?


4 thoughts on “Monday Bunday – Clean Litterbox Edition

  1. The Bunns

    Yes, but we like the dirty pooey ones too. Especially when it sticks all over us and we get it on BL’s lap and stuff and smell REALLY good! It really gets BL excited – we think it is good for her to be active like that!

  2. Silver

    The new basket is the best time of the day!
    Well, almost. Morning schmooze is good too.
    evening cuddle is important……

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