Still the King of the Chair

I am still the king of the big chair, as I proved to dad today when I jumped right into it (surprising dad quite a bit in the process):

gus is the king of the chair (again)

Of course, dad didn’t quite like it when I started attacking the brown blanket – biting and chewing and tossing it. So he shoo-shoo-ed me out of the chair (but not before I grunted at him a few times in disapproval).

I am the King, dad, the KING!


5 thoughts on “Still the King of the Chair

  1. General Irontail


    Is that an ENTIRE wall made to look like a scene from space invaders? I know your dad’s annoying (whose humans aren’t, ugh), but… that’s pretty cool. Just sayin.

    P.S. It looks like you could get close enough to the wall and bookshelf whilst on that chair to start doing a fair bit of damage, if you catch my drift… No Surface Shall Remain Safe From Our Bunny Teeth!

    General Irontail Rabbit

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