Dad took us to the vet this weekend! NOOOO!!!

We knew something fishy was up when this showed up:

the evil pet carrier

Whenever the pet carrier shows up, we know we’re going for a car ride – and we HATE car rides!

betsy knows something is up

Betsy heard the word “vet” mentioned.

gus - what did you say?

Hmmm? What’s that dad? Did you say… vet?

No, you wouldn’t dare.

buns checking out the carrier

C’mon, Betsy, let’s check this thing out.

gus in the carrier - marking it as his

Hmmm… while I’m in here, I might as well mark this as being “mine.”

gus - this is mine too

This is “mine” too.

Unfortunately, despite marking the carrier as “mine,” dad still scooped us up and put us inside and took us on a long car ride to… the v..v…VET!!!

It was not fun. I grunted at the vet when she tried to take me out of the carrier! Dad didn’t think this was very nice so he came and grabbed me… I can’t really grunt like that at dad.

The vet did all sorts of horrible things to us… like brushing our fur around our backsides and sticking some thing in our ears and in our mouth and shining a bright light in our eyes… it was bunny torture, I tell you!

But eventually it was all over and we came home and mum gave us some treats. The vet says we are very healthy – well, duh, I could have told you that!

Anyway, thank goodness we won’t have to go back there again for quite a while!!



Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. That is TERRIBLE! Okay so for revenge, leave some of your toys out, so that your Dad steps on them. Then HE will have to go to HIS vet! That will teach him!

  2. Ohhh poor you!!! We hate going to the V-E-T too, especially Neville – he freezes and hides in the furthest corner of the carrier although there’s no escape 🙁
    Mum says she loves your faces, esp. Gus’ expression in the pic with the blue bowl. 🙂

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