I Guess I Need To Work On My Tan

My belly is a bit white. Now that the weather’s turning nicer, maybe I need to lay in the sun and work on my tan?

betsy doing the dead bunny flop

(You can also see how Gus and I have marked this spot in dad’s office as “our own” by covering it with our fur. For some reason, dad doesn’t seem to appreciate this.)


Betsy's New Portrait


  1. It’s your white fur on my black rug that I don’t like – nevermind how your fur gets in my nose and makes me sneeze when there’s that much of it! I guess I need to bring in the vacuum… AGAIN!

  2. hahaha! Silly dads… if you didn’t tell him what was yours, how would he know? Mr. Keith – it could be safe to assume that EVERYTHING belongs to Gus and Betsy..

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