Up To No Good

Dad came out from his office yesterday and found me acting as the “lookout” for Betsy.

gus is the lookout

Unfortunately, Betsy got caught anyway.

naughty betsy

I, of course, knew better than to get back there, so dad didn’t say anything to me. (I am pure and innocent as snow, of course.)

Betsy got a talking to and then was shooed out of there, and then dad moved the stuff around to make it not be fun anymore. Oh well.


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Well, you tried to keep her out of trouble, Gus. But, you’re dad is just too smart. We’re sure you guys will find a way to get into some other trouble!

  2. You should have distracted him with treat begging! But obviously, you are completely innocent. Betsy looks innocent too, really.

  3. Gus, well done – just look the innocent bun part, and you’ll have no trouble. Next time, maybe gie a little thump to Betsy, so that she knows she needs to move out of the trouble zone 🙂 (this is what Miss Eve does when Neville is digging and she sees me coming…LOL)

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