Morning Treat Time with Dad

Sometimes dad gets up first, so he gives us treats instead of mummy (who usually gets up first and usually gives us our treats). Dad is a bit more strict than mummy when it comes to treats, though…

gimmie treats

Gus is always begging for more treats than I do. Mum always says he’s such a “naughty boy!” Not me, though! I’m a perfect lady.

now give me treats

Ummm…. see? Perfect lady, much more dainty than Gus… ummm… right?

please gimmie treats

Wait, is Gus getting another cranberry? No fair! (Actually dad gave me one after this so it’s OK.)

are there any more treats

…are there any more treats, dad?

what no more treats

What?? No more treats!?!?


Well if there are no more treats, then I’m outta here! Goodbye! Harumph!

sneaky treat from mum

Mmmm… secret treat from mummy! Yay for me!! 🙂


Betsy's New Portrait


  1. Great photos! The buns are actually more patient than I thought they’d be. I’ve had bunnies that would climb into my lap and even try to take food out of my mouth!

  2. Such nice buns asking for treats. I wish my two were as nice. Normally they are hopping over each other and nipping my fingers to get to the treats.

  3. Don’t let these pictures fool you – Gus does climb all over me trying to get treats. He’s just not very good at it, so he doesn’t get very far. (And Betsy is just too timid.) Gus is also known to “grunt” for treats – such a bad boy!

  4. Awww…they do look so cute begging for treats! Mine will just circle my legs for treats and stand in the periscope position, but no climbing over so far 🙂 Also, they only get one treat each…

  5. Forget begging. I just take the whole box and run behind the couch when the humans aren’t looking!

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