Totally Innocent

For some reason, dad always assumes we’re up to “no good.”

up to no good

He also likes to capture photographic “proof” of us being up to “no good.” He’s just weird like that. We were totally innocent; just sniffing around – honest!

someone is watching us

Betsy noticed someone watching us.

oh no, it's dad

“Oh no, it’s dad!” she said. Yeah, yeah, whatever, Betsy. Help me here…

betsy, where'd you go

Ummm… Betsy? Where’d you go?

um, I was just playing, honest

Oh… hi dad. I was just… sniffing… this… tube! Yeah, that’s it. Playing with the tube. That’s what I was doing. Yep. Honest.

For some reason, I don’t think dad believed me. Ever since, he keeps coming out from his office to check on us whenever he hears a noise.

Sometimes he’s just no fun at all.



  1. We believe in your innocence. And there is photographic proof, too! Just look at that wire, it’s still intact!! You bunnies have proven that you can be trusted 😀

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