New Bunny Castle

Dad and mum built us a new castle to play in – I guess they figured Betsy and I had chewed the old box so much that it wasn’t structurally sound anymore.

new bunny castle

They went all out this time, it seems!

new bunny castle - ground level

I dunno… two levels? Maybe it’ll be fun… but we’ll have to properly dissaprove of it first, lest mum and dad think that we appreciate something they’ve done for us.



  1. Wow. I would love a castle like that to play in and watch over my kingdom from up high! Unfortunately, the rent in London is just too expensive for such a large residence! 😉

    Bob x

  2. omg ! i want one says pebbles the naughty grey rabbit :/ im gonna build one at the weekend i think for her she loves to bite and sceatch escepcially my furntiture and sister HA

  3. @Azurelos: Sorry, I don’t remember where we got the mini table. We got it about 7 years ago, so I just don’t remember.

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