Fridge Meme

We got tagged for a fridge meme. So here goes:

The outside of our fridge

That’s Captain Rupert’s carrot cake recipe in the lower left corner – I insist that dad keep it handy. Actually, come to think of it, he needs to make it again. Get hopping, dad!

There’s 2 round magnets with a rabbit on them that we got from donating to rabbit rescues (can you find them both?) Dad really likes to drink coffee, hence the coffee magnet – I guess that’s some sort of joke. There’s a menu under that coffee magnet as well, with a picture of a rabbit on the front! Dad thinks he’s some sort of great chef – well I guess his salads are pretty good.

Supposedly that’s a shopping list on the whiteboard, but I can’t read mummy’s handwriting either.

There’s a postcard from someplace called Nevada, dad’s old business card as a magnet, and some other magnets that dad and mum picked up from various places.

You can click on the pictures to see a larger picture with more detail… it’s not very exciting if you ask me. I’d much rather get inside, where dad keeps my dinner!!