Rabbit TV

Betsy told me about her “Top Bun” idea, and that got me thinking… what other shows would be on “rabbit TV?”

  • Top Bun – rabbits in fighter jets with rock music!
  • Classic cartoon Wonder Buns – just say “Wonder Bun powers activate!”
  • Betsy suggested “America’s Next Top Lagomorph,” but I don’t think that would work out so well…
  • Cooking show Good Treats – hosted by Alton Bunn, of course
  • British bun car show Top Ear
  • He-Bun – And the Masters of the Warren, a show about the strongest bun in the Universe!
  • The Buns Next Door – All about those cute “playbuns”
  • Paw and Order: Special Carrot Unit

That’s all I could think up – do you have any suggestions?



  1. Those are great ideas Gus.

    The Bun Whisperer …
    Bunny 911 – If you want anyone to get kids and people to behave it’s gonna be the bunnies
    Bun Park – you must respect Cartbun’s Authoritah

    ok maybe not… i’m tired!

  2. “Desperate House Rabbits” Mostly about rabbits breaking out of their enclosures and causing mischief; “This Old Box” how to re-model your dowdy old cardboard hide out in cleaver and easy ways; “Warren Peas” Russian classic literature in full bunny-vision: “The Adventures of Bunlock Holmes” Yes, a rabbit can play a violin, it’s quite elementary, my dear Flopson.

  3. How about:

    Bunny Swap — Families trade bunnies with hilarious results!
    My Name is Bunn — Bunn tries to make up for all of the destructive chewing he’s done in the hopes of creating good bunnkarma.
    CSI: Bunny — Bunny crime forensics
    So You Think You Can Hop — Bunnies perform in a hop off
    Last Bunny Standing — Comic bunnies compete to see who is the funniest
    Ugly Bunny — an outcast bunny with a heart of gold wins over new friends in the bunny fashion industry

    This is fun!

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