Mom and dad were watching TV last night when Gus and I came out from nappy-time in dad’s office. I was the first to come out and I kind of liked what they were watching, so I sat for a while with them and watched the show… what was it called… “Top Gear” or some such thing. Dad and mum laughed quite a bit, and it had flashy colors, so I liked it, though I’d prefer a show called “Top Bun.”

It could star… ME! (Ok, and Gus, too.)



  1. We agree, “Top Bun” would be a better show, sometimes our people have to change the names of stuff on TV so we like them. Did you know there is a basket ball team called the “Phoenix Buns?”
    -Tyler and Sydney

  2. We would watch Top Bunn!

    BunnyLady watches West Wing, but there are no bunns there. Not in the East or South or North wings either. Dumb ….

    Rabbits’ Guy does not watch that light box. He is too busy fixing our gates and condos and stuff like that. He is a pretty good slave.

  3. Oooohhh…your slaves watch Top Gear too? Mum does every now and then, but dad is very much into it…there is a channel called Dave where they air old Top Gear for hours. We don’t like it very much really…it is very noisy and all about cars and we have enough of them when we are transported with the bunny mobile to the vets!

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