bunny leftovers

Dad, next time… just give us the leaves of the parsley. I don’t like the stems so much.








6 responses to “Stems”

  1. The Bunns Avatar

    We see Betsy does not like them either. Some of us do, some of us don’t. Bunnies have that perogative …

  2. Lando Bun Avatar

    I’m happy to eat those up for you!

  3. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    I’m not really thrilled about the parsley stems — but I agree about the leaves! YUM!

  4. Hugo and Miss Eve Avatar

    Hmmm… please pass these on to us! We eat parsley, curly or flat leaved one, stems and all!

  5. archi's mum Avatar

    lol – rabbits are sooo picky!

  6. D.C. Moll Avatar
    D.C. Moll

    Tyler likes anything, especially if it is bigger than he is. Sydney likes things cut up and the very expensive organic salad mix. She says you have to have standards.