Mom and Dad have been thinking about planting some stuff out on the porch, and they asked me if I’d like them to grow anything special. Aside from stuff like lettuce, parsley, and kale, of course, since they get that at the store.

I wasn’t sure what to say… I’d like to have fresh stuff. Mom says she’d love it if there were flowers we could eat – as they would both make the porch pretty, and make us buns happy! But being a 100% indoor rabbit, I have no idea.

Do any of my fellow buns out there know of safe stuff my mom and dad can grow? Aside from veggies?



  1. May we add rosemary too? And strawberries (all of them!), roses, especially the variety without thorns….and talking about thorn-less plants, mum got for us a blackberry plant and we love it!

  2. Yup .. nasturtiums, lots of nasturtiums – the flowers especially …. mint … we love the heads of clover, but it grows a lot wild around here so that is enough that way.

  3. Tyler and Sydney love to eat rose petals, it is a big treat for them, big pinky ones. They also like mint, lemon balm, and yarrow. Sometimes they get a little California poppy frond, for calming. They really like raspberry leaves and I just started the blueberry project (two plants), I’m sure they will get some. Blueberries can do very well in pots are prolific producers. Oh, right, and edible Chysanthemums are totally scarfed up.

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