Why I’ve Avoided Bunspace

I’ve noticed a lot of buzz about this new thing called “Bunspace.” Betsy and I tried the whole “social networking” thing a while back with Petster, but it really didn’t pan out – it was too hard for us to use. (Computers were not designed for rabbits, you know!) But the real reason I’ve been afraid to sign up for these things is because of stalkers – and I’m not talking about the creepy, always-at-the-same-store-as-you kind of stalker, I’m talking about the wants-to-eat-you kind.

Hey, I AM a rabbit, after all!

But maybe I’ll give it another try – if dad can help me with some of the typing, of course!



  1. yeah i do my best to keep up with all my friends’ blogs so bunspace would just be too much work. i didn’t even think about the stalkers but that’s another good point!

  2. We’re on Bunspace, but lost the VIP status and now cannot add comments any more 🙁 In fact, since we’re getting a bit more active on the blog, it is difficult to keep track of everybun.
    We don’t even want to think about the stalkers… mum surely will defend us?!

  3. We can understand your concern about the stalkers. Freckles joined Bunspace and so far hasn’t had any problems. We’ve made lots of new friends there, but don’t have time to spend too much time there if we want to visit all our blog friends, too! It was really easy to set up our BunSpace page there — probably the easiest thing we’ve ever done on the computer!

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