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Dad keeps the treats on the floor by the steps near our part of the living room. They are in sealed containers which are too much work to chew through. Lately, however, there’s even been a box of crackers there… with an open box top. I can smell the crackers. (Are you trying to taunt me, dad?)

Actually, as it turns out, I can tip this box over and if I sqeeze my head in there really hard, I might get a piece of cracker!!

Dad’s been in the room when I did this, and I haven’t gotten squirted with water yet, so it must be OK!

Now I just have to keep this discovery a secret from Betsy…


Out of Papaya Tablets

Dad gave us the last papaya tablet this morning, and he has no more! I knew I should’ve reminded him to buy more the other day. So we got 4 dried cranberries this morning instead of 3 to make up for the lack of tablets.

Still, dad, poor planning on your part. I thought you were supposed to be smart?


Gus’s Newer Portrait

I Love My Mummy

It’s so nice to have my mum home again. She was in this “New Jersey” place for a really long time; Gus said she was there for that “work” thing that humans do. I’m so glad she’s home, though. I missed her. Unlike my dad, who picks me up sometimes, my mummy never does that. She talks to me and sometimes gives me a quick little pat – but only quick and little, because she knows that I get scared.

The best thing is that she gets up before dad, and she gives us treats nice and early. When she was gone, sometimes Gus would have to jump on the bed just to wake dad up to remind him to get up and give us our treats! But mummy never forgets.

Gus says I’m a “mummy’s girl,” and I guess I am. I love my mummy!


Betsy’s Portrait