2011: The Year of the RABBIT

Did everyone catch that?

Yeah. 2011. The year of the RABBIT.

Obviously, I expect to get extra treats all year long. If I get treats, it will be a happy new year. If I don’t, well…






4 responses to “2011: The Year of the RABBIT”

  1. Glenna Avatar

    Happy New Year, Gus and Betsy. And by the way, I think the posed Christmas card was cute!

  2. Dmoll Avatar

    Luckily your humans have until Feb. 3 to stock up on treats and plan the menu, 2/3/11 is the start of the Lunar year, but they could start practicing now. HNY bunnies and all.

  3. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    Nice of you to give fair warning, Gus. It should at least be a Hoppy New Year.

  4. the bunns Avatar

    Now don’t be going all hog-wild there Gussy, There’s a lot of us deserving, demanding, delightful, disapproving rabbits and the treats must be doled out equitably amongst us all. Sharzys …. right?