On Strike

You may have heard that dad passed down his judgment on us. Betsy and I thought it was a little harsh, so we decided to go on strike. Even when dad let us back into his office (but still blocked the guest bedroom), we wouldn’t go in there – we’ll show him who’s boss!

Last night he tried to trick me… he took the bottle of papaya tablets and shook it, and I started to bolt over to  him – but I caught myself just in time, and I gave him a look. Nice try, dad! Still, I would have liked a papaya tablet… actually, I really wanted a papaya tablet. I haven’t had one in a few days now.

So late last night, after dad went to bed, I talked it over with Betsy, and we decided that we’ve been on strike for long enough. So this morning we waited for dad when he got up and followed him around (until he fed us). That was our agreed-on way of “making peace.”

Betsy’s still kind of mad at dad for chasing her out from under the bed and locking us up in the corner, but I think she’ll come around. As for me, as long as I can still get dad to give me treats when I want them, I’m a happy bun.


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. We’re glad that you two aren’t in jail, on probation, or on strike anymore! That has been quite an ordeal for you! Hope your dad had seen the error of his ways!

  2. We are happy as well that you two are back on an even keel. But, your bunny logic does certainly elude me sometimes!

    Actually most bunny logic escapes me.

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