We’re Back

Well, we’re back.

And we’re not happy with dad or mum.

We did NOT like staying at the vet. And we did not like the car ride, either.

We will be dissaproving for quite a while after this incident.


I Don’t Wanna Go To The Vet

I tried… and dad tried… and mummy tried too… but there’s no one available to come serve feed watch us while mum & dad are away, so we’ll have to go stay with the vet for a week.

I’m not happy about this… who will give me treats??


Oh No, not… THE VET!!!

I just heard dad make an appointment for Betsy and I to “board” at the vet for the week when he and mum will be out-of-town.

I don’t like the sound of that!!

It’s bad enough to go to the vet for a little while, never mind staying there for a whole WEEK!

I asked dad if we could stay home instead, but he said that smart as we are, we still would need someone to feed us. I said “what if I found someone to come feed us” and he said “if you can find someone trustworthy, then OK, you can stay home instead of going to the vet.”

So… I’m asking any other buns out there… if you know of a good rabbit-sitter somewhere in… let me see… what did dad call this place… hmmm… “Morris” or “Union” counties in New Jersey… that could come and bunny-sit us, let me know!! I don’t want to go to the vet!!