Busy Bunny

I’ve been keeping myself busy and lately I’ve started exploring the rest of the house – finding all the best places to flop or take a nap and ways to sucker mum & dad into giving me more treats.

betsy flopped beside the fireplace

Lounging beside the fireplace is a good place to spend the day – it’s a more central location, so I can keep an eye on mum & dad and pop out to demand treats whenever I want.

betsy underneath the chair

Underneath the chair is a good hiding place, too – maybe even better than behind the couch!

betsy in dad's office

Sometimes I even make the trek all the way down the hall to dad’s office – to check on him, and make sure he’s working hard (so that he can buy me more treats).

betsy beside the fireplace - tough life

Yes, it sure is a lot of tough work being as busy as I am these days.


It’s Not Dad’s Chair Anymore!

Dad’s had “his”  new chair around for a while, but the other day I got to thinking… what’s it really like up there?

So I decided to find out.

gus starts his exploration on the cardboard box

I think it’s safer to start here on the box. That way I can see what I’m jumping into.


OK, getting ready… everything smells OK.


I guess I can just…


…Jump onto the chair!


There, that wasn’t so bad.


Now to see what all the fuss is about.


Hmmm… yep, smells like dad. Probably tastes like him, too.


Interesting texture.


Oh HI dad. What are you doing over there? Oh me? I’m just STEALING YOUR CHAIR MWA HA HA HA HA!!!


What’s up here… WHOAH!


OK, middle is definitely the safest part.


I wonder if dad would mind me digging…


OK, I guess he doesn’t like that.

Well, I guess I’ll get down now… let’s see… what would be the easiest way… hmmm…

gus gets off the chair and back onto the box

Of course, the easiest way down is the way I came up!

gus checks out the wall stickers

Wait a sec, I need to sniff this red thing before I get down.

Well, I’m happy to report that dad’s chair is:

  • Very soft
  • Not easy to walk on
  • Fun to dig in (but dad will yell at you)
  • A little bit scary (but I wasn’t scared, I’m braver than that)

I guess I shouldn’t call it dad’s chair anymore, though. Now that I’ve been up there it belongs to me – just like EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS HOUSE.

Are you listening to me, dad? MINE.

Now feed me.


Gus's Newer Portrait