Renovations: Our Bunny Barrier

Lately I’ve been unhappy with the placement of our box. (Well, I’ve been unhappy about a lot of things – like being brushed, having my nails clipped, being picked up, breakfast being late, dinner not having enough parsley, insufficient treats, too much attempts at petting me, but… I won’t get into that.)

So, I finally decided to move it myself, since dad is useless in this regard.

different kind of bunny barrier

As a bonus, our box now serves as a barrier to our area that only we can get through!

We also decorated it, to make sure dad understands the meaning and stops trying to move it back. Hopefully this time he gets the point.



  1. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who caters to a grumpy lop-eared bun. I’ve got a 9-year-old named Clyde who is also unhappy about being picked up, pet, etc., and has been known to arrange boxes in a fortress-like manner.

  2. A bunny has to do what a bunny has to do, which is usually what a human is incapable of doing. Get the hint, dad. You have to sleep sometime!

  3. We play this game almost every day called we move the maze haven a foot or two, mom moves it back. It’s a good time!

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