Um, dad? What is THAT thing doing out? You’d better not be getting any ideas…

new (smaller) bunny carrier Ugh. In case you couldn’t guess, dad DID get some ideas, and after some scrambling on my part, he managed to force me in there, and drive me all the way to the vet.

The only good part of all this is that the vet visit was nice and short. The vet told dad that I am in excellent health – well, duh, dad, I could have told you that.

Apparently my abscess is completely gone and the infection which caused it has not come back yet, and now that 3 months have passed, it’s not likely to come back again either. So it looks like I’m in the clear.

But geez, did we really need to go to the vet to find this out? Somehow, I’d like to think we didn’t.



  1. Yay for excellent health! Mickey has regained all the weight he lost since he had his abscess back in July and his cheek has healed up so nicely, you can’t even tell he’d had one. Sorry, Betsy, but sometimes you have to get the good news straight from the vet’s mouth. Mick says he hopes you were duly compensated for the aggravation you suffered.

  2. Ruby says she is happy for you. She wasn’t happy about going to the vet either but she did have Bono stay with her at the time. Her abscess also healed well and has not returned.

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