Morning Excursions

Despite evidence to the contrary, we do not just sleep all day. We actually do get up and move around… especially when it’s time for dad to feed us.

dual sniffing It’s important to sniff everywhere to look for potentially dropped treats. (Gus needs to learn there are no treats by my backside!)

more sniffingAre there any treats here?

betsy realizes she's being watchedBunny sense… tingling!

where are the treatsOh, dad, it’s just you, taking pictures.

stop taking pictures and feed meStop taking pictures, dad, and feed me!

See? We’re very active. Now it’s time to go eat and then take a nap.



  1. Thank you for showing us what a vast area you have to cover on the daily treat search under hostile photographic conditions, Betsy. No wonder you and Gus need naps.

  2. Yup. Rascallin’ for breakfast is an age old rabbit pasttime. We find it helpful to scratch and dig violently at the door to our mom and dad’s bedroom.

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