Dad, I Hate You So Much Right Now

Dad, I can’t believe you had the vet do this to me.

betsy after surgery I hate you so much right now. Or, I would if I wasn’t so woozy from that stuff the vet gave me. What did she call it? Opiates? Why are there all these colors floating around?

betsy after surgery 2 When I feel better dad, you are in so much trouble. And don’t even THINK about trying to syringe feed me again. I’ll eat when I’m good and ready – understand?

Woah. I think I’m going to lie down for a bit.



  1. Well then Betsy, I guess I shouldn’t mention that the vet says you’re also going to get oral pain medicine every day via syringe (or, if you’re eating, maybe some banana?) and injections of antibiotics every other day!

  2. Oh, Betsy. We’re so glad to see you, and you don’t hate your dad. Because your dad loves you so much that he’d put up with all your fierce disapproval.

  3. So glad you are back home Betsy girl! You look like you’ve been through the ringer. Hopefully you’ll be back to your old self soon! Snuggles!!

  4. Good to hear you haven’t lost your spirit, Betsy. All those things your dad will try to do to you will ultimately result in your being your old curmudgeonly self. Stick with the program until you see the positive results. Then, when he least suspects it and you have regained your strength, you and Gus can launch Bunnygeddon.

  5. Hoyle and Jazz are sending you their bunny support, Betsy! Jazz has been having surgeries every 3 months for her teeth for the last little bit and so she completely sympathizes with you. Darn Humans and their overwhelming concern! Hoyle says he and Gus should hang out and do the manly thing of drinking from the water bowl and providing aloof support while you go through all this.

    Good luck, little buddy! We hope you’re well soon.

  6. Hey Betsy, let me let you in on a little secret. Tell your Dad to ask your vet for some Apple-Banana Critical Care. It is the yummyest stuff, and it’s especially good for buns like us who have been dealing with abscesses and surgeries and stuff like that and need to eat and regain our strength. Mum mixes up a tablespoon of the stuff and gives it to me (on a plate) with my morning and evening salads. She also puts some rolled oats (the old-fashioned kind, not the quick oats) in with my pellets as a special treat. I’m starting to gain back some of the weight I lost and I’m looking a lot better. Here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon!
    Nose bonks,

  7. Poor Betsy! Hang in there, pretty girl. My bunny friends Dirk and Greta send you their best and hope you get lots of treats to speed the healing.

  8. Oh jeez Betsy. Opiates? That sounds terrible. Hope you don’t get hooked :-/

    Glad to hear Betsy came through surgery just fine, but it sucks about the medicine. Who decides what a “normal” face is? We think Betsy is always beautiful.

  9. Betsy is trying to protest this treatment by… not eating.

    This is working out about as well as you can expect – dad has busted out the Critical Care and Betsy is being picked up multiple times per day.

    I’m just glad it’s not ME being force-fed this time! See dad, I’m eating just fine!

    I tried to tell Betsy she should just give up and eat, but as always, she never listens to me. Ah well, she’ll give in soon I’m sure.

  10. Thanks for the update, Gus. Make sure you leave enough tasty food for Betsy when she tires of being force-fed.

  11. aww Betsy I am sorry all these indignaties are happening to you, but I bet beneath your fierce disapproval you know your Dad loves you, and is only looking out for you.

  12. Oh, Betsy, that just sounds horrible! Well, I’m glad you are home, and you made it through the surgery ok. But, now is the hard part. It’s awful to be bothered by some human when you don’t feel good! I hate that! Why don’t humans just leave us alone! They seem to think that it helps us. I get that there are things that they can do for us that we can’t do for ourselves. And I get that your dad is just trying to make you better, but sometimes a bunny just needs to be left alone!

  13. Betsy,
    I hope you are feeling better now. The surgery and being away from home must’ve been scary. Don’t forget to take advantage of Dad’s guilt for having to force feed you and give you meds – make them give you treats (fresh blueberries, maybe bits of apple, or whatever bunny snacks you like) or maybe a warm Snuggle Safe to make you feel better. Get well soon!!

  14. Poor Betsy! You should definitely demand extra treats. We had to give Patch injections once and he hated it too but he got through it. Hang in there Betsy! You’ll feel better soon!

  15. Ruby says get well Betsy. I still run from Mommie sometimes. I think she may trying to give me medicine or something else. Mommie says she can hardly tell that I had an abscess on my jaw. Get well my friend.

  16. Hope you feel better soon. The sooner you eat, the sooner your slaves stop force feeding you. Listen to Gus!

  17. We were very happy to see Betsy on the bunnycam today! Both Christina and I hope that Betsy is feeling better!

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