pet carrierUm, dad? Why is THIS thing out again? You were just joking about me going back to the vet, right?


NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Not the vet again!

Dad says I’m going in for surgery this time to have the abscess removed.

Well, I tell you what dad: you have to catch me first.







10 responses to “Nooooooo!!!”

  1. Paula Avatar


    The Bunny Bunch tells me to say good luck with the surgery. Ruby says it the vet took care of me and tried not to hurt me. My abscess is all healed up now.

  2. Faith Avatar

    Oh no!!!! Fight it betsey, Fight it! 🙂
    No, just kidding. The vet wants to help you, infact you mommy and daddy really care for you! Even some very devoted rabbit poeple don’t take their buns to the vet.
    Good luck with surgery, and i hope you get lots of carrots as soon as possible!
    Message from the busy body bun buns: NOOOO! i hope you get better quick! Better get payback on your daddy!

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Good luck Betsy! Looking forward to seeing your updates when you’re all healed up 🙂

  4. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    Look at it this way, Betsy. You have the procedure, it works, your dad stops picking you up twice a day to put stuff in your ears, and you will be back to your old self in terms of total household domination–they’ll owe you, right? Best of luck!

  5. bunnygirl Avatar

    Good luck to you, Betsy. You’ll feel soooo much better once that nasty abscess is gone. Be brave.

  6. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    Mickey had surgery on his abscess a couple of weeks ago–it seemed to be healing up fine, but then it opened up again last night, so he went back to the vet’s this morning. There’s a small lump in the wound area and we’re not sure if it’s scar tissue or something else. He’s back on Baytril for 14 more days, and if that doesn’t do the trick, his vet will open things up again to see what’s going on.

    We’ll be thinking good thoughts for a successful surgery for you, Betsy.

  7. Lisa (The Human) Avatar
    Lisa (The Human)

    Good luck betsey… They’ll take good care a ya and u might even get some extra treats!!!

  8. Mats Avatar

    Good luck, Betsy! We hope for a speedy recovery!

  9. Karen Avatar

    Ginger and Gigi are sending speedy recovery wishes your way. Bunnies have to stick together. You’ll be right as rain in no time.

  10. Abigail Avatar

    Wait, what? Is this because of your facial problem? THAT SUCKS!! I HATE the vet, Betsey! I totally agree! I’m sorry you have to go there. BUT, I did just have to go to the vet a couple of times recently and be put under anesthesia to have my teeth all looked at and filed, and I totally survived. So, it’ll be ok. Just make sure you let us know how you are doing, and make sure you let your dad know how bad it is for you.