My New Hiding Spot

I’m really mad at dad. He said I’d only have to have stuff put in my ear for 2 weeks. Well, it’s been more than 2 weeks now and he’s still doing it.

In protest, I decided to cause some trouble, by going somewhere I’m not supposed to, of course!

betsy is somewhere she should not be

You might be wondering how these pictures were taken – well, mum took them. And I love mummy because she never picks me up and never puts stuff in my ear.

Also, mum lets me go places dad would shoo me away from. Mum is awesome.

betsy is curious about magazinesAlso, we share the same taste in magazines! Yum!

betsy's new hiding spot So, this is the hiding spot I settled on. Not bad, huh?

Unfortunately dad found me, so it wasn’t as good as I hoped. But still, I managed to avoid him for most of the day, so I guess I’ll take what I can get.

Next time dad, I won’t be so easy on you!



  1. You’re such a mum’s bun, Betsy! Good hiding spot–lots of opportunities for enrichment! All you needed was something to pull into place to screen off the space between the furniture. Better luck next time and get well soon! (Good luck, Dad, tough love is hard.)

  2. Our dad is the nice one who lets us do whatever we want. But even mommy says sometimes she needs to make some concessions to us. For instance: if you’re putting stuff in someone’s ears, they deserve to chew a magazine or two!

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