Stop Touching My Ears!!

I really don’t like the vet.

She poked me, prodded me, felt every inch of my body (and especially my head), stuck things in my mouth, and most annoyingly, stuck things in my ears – and then put STUFF in my ears!

And to make matters worse, now dad and mum are picking me up and putting stuff in my ears twice every day. For the next 2 weeks.

Having stuff in my ear just feels weird and I have to shake my head after they put me down and fuss with my ear for a long while until I feel normal again.

It is all very undignified. I strongly disapprove of all this treatment. But I will have my revenge – I will run away every time dad comes to pick me up. I will run all the way to the other side of the house, and then back again. I will not make it easy on dad! My hope is that eventually he will give up.

Anyway, now that the VET visit is over, I need to go sulk in my tunnel. Dad, you’d better stay away!!







7 responses to “Stop Touching My Ears!!”

  1. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    The stuff in your ears must be important, Betsy, otherwise they wouldn’t think it worth the effort to catch you. It sounds like you all will be getting lots of exercise and once the two weeks are up you will be in prime condition to take your revenge–what will you start with?

  2. Lisa (The Human) Avatar
    Lisa (The Human)

    You show ’em Betsy. You’re the boss!

  3. Mats Avatar

    We are glad you are back safe from the vet, Betsy! Hope that the treatment makes you feel better!

  4. Dmoll Avatar

    Thank goodness you survived the vets, what did they say was going on with your face, other than MASSIVE DISAPPROVAL?

  5. Abigail Avatar

    How dare they!!!! Don’t they know who you are?

  6. the bunns Avatar

    The absolute unfairness of it all ….

  7. SixBunnies Avatar

    Oh, Betsy! Trust me … your hoomins do not like putting stuff in your ears any more than you like having it put in there! You little precious bunz are very worth it, but we wouldn’t do any of that annoying stuff to you if it wasn’t to make you feel better, Sweetie! Promise!