What are you looking at?

What are you looking at, dad? I’m not up to anything. I’m just… sitting here. Enjoying the view. Yeah.

betsy is up to no good I’m not plotting the destruction of any of your furniture, and I’m certainly not thinking about nibbling on the carpet or the curtains. And it goes without saying that I absolutely would not be thinking of scratching at anything or trying to dig in anything with my paws.

So, you see dad, you can just put the camera down and relax.

Oh, and if you could also look the other way for a little bit, that would be great too.



  1. Betsy sounds like a frustrated interior designer. And why doesn’t she have a red carpet?

  2. Totally believe that you would not eat anything important like leather shoes or carpeting or baseboards… NOT!

  3. OMG Betsy – run for your life. That is a cast iron dutch oven back there by the shop Vac. They COOK meat in those …. (unless of course they do a peach cobbler which is terrific for a bunny when it cools – ask for a bit of ice cream on top!)

  4. Ahhhh the cast-iron Dutch oven is actually the weight that locks them in each night because they figured out how to break the locks on the bunny barricade 🙂

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