Dad was making some noise today (after we were brushed) and so Gus and I came out to investigate – and this is what we saw:

where's our stuff?

Where did all our stuff go??

Dad cleaned our litter box (always nice) but everything else in our area was gone!

empty bunny area and confused betsy

Gus and I looked around everywhere for it – but we couldn’t find it! What did you do, dad?

is my stuff up here?

Is my stuff up here?

what have you done with my stuff??

No, seriously dad, what did you do with all my stuff?

go away

We’re not happy with you dad. Go away.

Of course, while we were sulking, dad was making more noise. Eventually we went out to look, to see what he had done – maybe our stuff was back?

bunny condo

Whoah! Dad, what’s this?

the new home-made bunny condo

Dad had made us our very own “bunny condo.”

He says it’s a “two story bunny condo with attached garage and 2nd floor balcony.”

looking down at the bunny condo

Looks pretty nice to me…

bunny condo - upper levels

Ohhh, and it has a balcony!

looking into the bunny condo

Looking in through the garage… mmm those edges look nice, I think I’ll chew on them later!

bunny condo ramp

A ramp to the 2nd floor… I can see dad placed it strategically to stop me from digging in the corner. He thinks he’s so clever, but I’ll find a way around it!

bunny condo ramp to upper level

Not a bad job, dad. I almost forgive you for taking away all our stuff earlier…

we do not approve



Betsy's New Portrait


  1. My oh My … you two guys have really got the place there. We can’t imagine where you will start chewing first, and who will use the balcony!

    Say, does you mum ever cook stuff in that dutch oven we saw in the post-brush post?? There is some good stuff cooked in one around here now and then .. if you are a 2-foot that is. They do blueberry cobbler and pork roast!

  2. Now that’s a fancy new house! You’re got a lot of work ahead of you though. It won’t be perfect till there are holes in the floor and maybe a couple new windows… yes, that oughta do it!

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