My New Tile

The other day, dad came home with two ceramic tiles that he put down on the floor. He said they were for me to lay on, and that they’d be nice and cool.

After dissaproving of them suitably in his presence, I decided… they’re OK.

betsy on her tile (closeup)

Gus doesn’t like them, though. He thinks they are too slippery.



  1. Hey Betsy! Gigi and I got the same tiles! must have been a special at Home Depot! Kirby got smaller greenish ones cause he’s a little twerp LOL.

  2. What a great idea those tiles are. Freckles likes to hang out in the kitchen under the table on the nice cool vinyl floor in hot weather. (We bet that Gus will soon be jealous and decide to like the tiles.)

  3. dang that’s a great idea – we have some in the shed… i’ll be stealing that idea very soon, pictures of the impending disapproval to follow

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