A Sleepy Week

under dad's chair

It’s been a sleepy week for Gus and me. We had a few nice days where we could lounge in sunbeams (after mum let us out of the jail in the morning), and some not-so-nice days where it was cloudy and dark and kind of cool where we just slept in dad’s office all day (like in this picture).

Also, you may notice the orange stain on my chin, and on Gus’s paw. Thats… um… just from eating carrots. Yeah, that’s all it is.



  1. Sometimes I wonder about you two… is that orange paw thing some sort of bunny-gang sign? Like… the “orange paw gang?” I bet it is… and you guys are going to come chew my legs off for saying it out loud – just remember who feeds you!!

  2. A bit of orange is nice, here are there, fashion accents for rabbits……

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