More Bunnies

I forgot to mention – mom told me the other day about how there are more bunnies living around here!

Well, I guess I should say “wild rabbits” instead of “bunnies.” Mom and dad saw one of them calmly eating grass by the side of the road just a little ways from our house – and mom swears she saw one in the gardens outside a few months ago.

Maybe they will stop by some day to say “hi” to me and Gus! I think that’d be fun!



  1. We had a wild bunny living outside last fall. We kept seeing him early in the evening. We’re not sure what happened to him. Maybe he moved on. That’s the first wild bunny we’ve ever seen here, although we have lots and lots of squirrels and Deb said we have sometimes had a family of raccoons. Don’t know what they are, but it would be fun to have visitors!

  2. Did you see the wild bunny on DR today?

    Some hop around our yard too sometimes.

    We prefer the domestic life ourselves … 3 meals regular, served the way we like them!

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