Late Breakfast

Dad and mom were both late in getting up and feeding us this morning.

So to keep myself amused while I waited an eternity for my breakfast, I decided to dig in my litter box. I always have the feeling that if I just keep digging a little further, I’ll find a prize – like a big box of crackers or something.

When dad finally got up though, he was not impressed with my digging. Typical.



  1. I like digging the litter box too! Hugo doesn’t join in the fun and so mum thinks I have a criminal mind, but in fact I too hope that one day, underneath all the hay and megazorb and newspaper there will be an extra portion of pellets just waiting for me.

  2. i do that litter digging thing too – so mum put a white shelf thingie over my litter so i can’t. i got smart and started pulling it off so then she tied it down. it’s just no fun anymore

  3. Goldie digs away at the floor of her condo … I think she is looking for the secret button that will open it into a huge magic world!!!

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