Dad’s Home, Ugh

Dad’s home… and just when I was getting comfy with having some quiet time to myself! Now I’ve got to watch out for dad coming to grab me and brush me (mum is too scared to pick me up, which suits me fine).

On top of that, dad is much more strict… no more digging or chewing in things for me I’m afraid. Thanks a lot, dad.



  1. Mom says she is too scared to pick me up. So I guess all that kicking and struggling I used to do worked on her!

    Dad, on the other hand, has no fear of me or Gus – he will pick us up no matter how much we kick or squirm. So when he finally gets a hold of me, I usually just give up (although I make sure he has to work hard to get me in the first place!).

  2. wow Betsy I’d never thought of that strategy – i just grunt but mum still picks me up. i’ll have to try flopping around a bit. i hate being picked up!

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