Driving Mum Crazy

Gus and I are so tired! We have been really busy trying to keep Mum as preoccupied as possible — to take her mind off Dad being away.

Here are some of the things we thought might help keep her mind of Dad:
1. I made sure to dig in the litterbox and flick litter as far as I could, that way, she had to clean it up and that kept her busy.
2. Gus flipped the bunny fort into the middle of the living room and grunted at her when she went to pick it up.
3. I snuck into the bedroom (I know – she left the door open, how exciting!!!) and I was able to pull apart the barrier preventing us from getting under the bed, and I overturned the bedside table – this sent the cordless phone and base crashing to the floor. NICE!
4. We both spent last night chewing up the rug. We left bits throughout the house for her to pick up.
5. Gus made sure only to eat the tops of the parsley, that way Mum would have to pick them up by hand before she could vacuum up the litter I flicked every where.

Mum pretended to get mad – but really, we know she was just sad because she missed Dad. We tried to help keep her busy – it sure was fun!



  1. You two are so creative. Maybe you both should hide really good so Mom can’t find you … that’ll keep her mind busy!!!!

    Our Mom, Bunny Lady, is going away for a vacation in a little while and we will remember these good activities to keep the Rabbit’s Guy happy then!!!

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