Opening Doors

This morning I had a brainstorm – what if I tried digging against the door to the bedroom? Maybe I could make a hole though it? So I tried it this morning, and wouldn’t you know it, the door just pushed right open! I was in!

Of course, mom got right out of bed and shooed me out, but I tried again a few minutes later, and it worked AGAIN! And this time nobody chased me out of the bedroom!

This is a major breakthrough. Now I can get in there whenever I want, and when mom and dad oversleep and don’t give us treats (or breakfast) on time, I can go in and wake them up. YES!


Betsy’s New Portrait


  1. What Betsy doesn’t realize is that we just didn’t close the door tight enough so that it latches. I’ve been more careful since then (much to Betsy’s disappointment, I’m sure).

  2. I tried the same thing this morning but the door didn’t budge! I did, however get into the bathroom and hid behind the toilet! Hehe!

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