Home Again

I am SO glad to be home!

Spending a week away from my bunny castle is not much fun. The car ride itself (all 4 hours of it) was just horrible. Betsy was so anxious to get out by the end that she was trying to dig her way out through the plastic car carrier.

Though there was one good bit about being away from home – we were allowed under the bed!!

We also got a different litter box – this one was very big. I liked having all that space. If a bunny’s home is his castle, then his litter box is his throne!

I did have to jump on the bed once or twice to get mom and dad to wake up and feed me in the morning, but overall they were pretty good about keeping to my schedule.

One night, dad brought both Betsy and I downstairs – we didn’t like being carried all that way! And then we found the most wonderful place to hide – behind the Christmas tree – and dad chased us out! I think he thought we’d chew the wires. I know I wasn’t going to do that, but you never know with Betsy.

After the first try, dad blocked the tree with presents, but I knew that I could climb over them – so I did! He wasn’t very happy about that one. Dad had to chase me out with a roll of wrapping paper – I didn’t want to get out from there, it was very fun!

After that, we pretty much settled into a routine of sleeping under the bed, looking for things to chew (dad blocked off most of the interesting places), and eating our hay, greens, and pellets.

Once the week was up, we were packed up in the car AGAIN. But this time wasn’t so bad – I knew we were going home. Oh, and once we got here… it was so wonderful! My own litter box again, my own hiding spots with everything already chin-marked with my scent… Oh it’s good to be home!


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