Last night I was sitting out in the living room, and my daddy was sitting on the floor by the couch. I was watching him closely, in case he tried to pick me up. But instead, he took the little jingle-toy from the floor and rolled it in front of me. I had just put it aside, so I picked it up with my mouth and tossed it off to the side.

Then, he did it again. So, I tossed it aside again. And he did it again! So, I tossed it again.

Gus later told me that this is a fun game, and I guess… maybe… it was sort of fun to throw that jingle-thing. I do like the sound it makes when you throw it. Although to me, the most wonderful sound is the “rrrrrip” of cardboard when you tear a big piece off.

Still, I guess it was a good night, since my dad didn’t try to pet me or pick me up.


Betsy’s Portrait

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  1. I play with my jingle ball myself. It is kind of fun. My cage mate does not seem interested and my humans never want to play when I do.

    So you don’t like being touched by the humans either. I don’t understand their fascination with touching our kind. I hear the words cute and soft all the time.

    What kind of cardboard do you like the best? I like box flaps.

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