Final Message From Dad

Yesterday, July 28th, at around 1:30pm, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost Betsy while she was under anesthesia for a (fairly) routine operation (taking care of her teeth).

Needless to say we are devastated and heartbroken. Our home will not be the same without bunnies, and it will never be the same as it was with Betsy and Gus.

It is some comfort to think that Betsy is with Gus now, binky-ing free on the other side of the rainbow bridge – but we still miss her (and Gus) all the same.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog and who offered us condolences – both now and when Gus passed earlier this year.

Gus, you were our darling little boy – and Betsy, you were our sweet little girl. We will miss you both and will always remember you.

gus sleeping in the sun  sleepy betsy beside the chair

snuggle bunnies

Binky free, my buns.





16 responses to “Final Message From Dad”

  1. CilleyGirl Avatar

    I’m so sorry to hear about Betsy’s passing.

  2. rabbits guy Avatar
    rabbits guy

    Oh! Oh! Gus and Betsy brought all so much fun and pleasure – what a pair. Good luck there – thanks for sharing them.

  3. Kate Avatar

    I’m so, so sorry to hear about Betsy. Our pets are never here long enough, and it’s especially hard when they leave unexpectedly. You gave them such good lives. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    So very sorry to hear of Betsy’s unexpected passing

    They were both well loved and appreciated bunnies.

    Thank you for sharing their stories with us!

  5. Sandy Avatar

    I am very sorry. I’ve laughed and learned from your blog – thank you for sharing Gus and Betsy’s stories. Fly free Betsy – and may you binky and play with Gus in green fields with many carrots and treats. Cause we know you love your treats. Take care.

  6. Glenna Avatar

    I’m so sorry. You guys were wonderful and Betsy and Gus were so lucky to have you.

  7. Neil Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear about Betsy. It’s always sad when our loved ones have to leave. Thank you for this blog and for the smiles it brought.

  8. Jim Avatar

    Awww, So very sorry. They were such a cute little pair. First Gus and now Betsy. How devastating. We get so attached to our sweet little friends. I know when out little Buns passed from kidney disease it was so devastating. That was almost 10 years ago, and at times I swear I can still hear her little paws hopping to ward the Kitchen for a treat. We love them and hope they find Peace. Thank You for sharing yours with us through the years. We will miss them. – Jim

  9. Angela Smith Avatar
    Angela Smith

    So very sorry. Thank you for sharing Gus and Betsy’s adventures. They will be missed.

  10. Erin Avatar

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I’ve loved it. I lost my Bun recently also, in May. He was fine in the morning but by evening he had head-tilt. At the vet he had a seizure and died within a few minutes. I cry every time I think about him. I know how devastating it is and my heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your little buns. They are so full of life. Its a horrible shock when they are gone. They had a wonderful life with you and they had each other.

  11. KarenC Avatar

    Sorry for the loss of your beloved buns. RIP Betsy & give Gus a few kisses at the Rainbow bridge.

  12. Riana Avatar

    I discovered “house rabbits” via your blog and it inspired me to have two buns of my own. Thank you for teaching us and making us smile with all the adventures. Peace to you and your family.

  13. Bunya Avatar

    So very sorry for your loss. We just lost our Lucy August 1st and know how you feel. Thank you for your blog and the wonderful home you gave Gus & Betsy.

  14. paula Avatar

    I just read this. Sorry to hear of your loss. Perhaps when you are ready you can welcome into your home another rabbit or two.

  15. Mats Avatar

    We are so sorry to read about your loss! We loved to read about Betsy and Gus (and to watch them on the Bunnycam), and we will miss them both! Thank you for sharing with us all the wonderful adventures of your bunnies!
    Binky free, Betsy!

    Mats & Christina

  16. Jade Avatar

    So very sorry to hear of Betsy’s (and Gus’s) passing; I always enjoyed reading about (and seeing) their antics here. Mr. Mick left us on July 1st, and his passing left a huge hole in my heart. So many of the buns in the blogging world have moved on this year; I’d like to think they’re all hanging out somewhere comparing notes and complaining about their mistreatment at the hands of the silly humans who loved them so much. Sending many good thoughts your way, and special thoughts go out to Betsy and Gus as well. <3